7 nutrition bars that are worse than candy

Miami Nutrition Examiner

While the boosted protein or fiber content at least means some of the contenders cant be relegated to the heap of empty calories (the scarlet letter of the food world), often times the protein boost isnt worth the other schlock that the bar delivers. Aside from exorbitant amounts of sugar, high fructose corn syrup , unhealthy fats, chemical additives , artificial colors and flavors, and questionable preservatives, some of the protein sources may be suspect. Whey or casein protein are okay, but the popularly-used soy proteins are of concern because of their estrogen-mimicking behavior. Also commonly used are boiled animal scraps, which you can find on the label under the euphemisms of gelatin, hydrolyzed collagen or hydrolyzed gelatin. Made from slaughterhouse leftovers like skin, bones and various connective tissues, these inferior sources lack all the essential amino acids required to make them a complete protein, yet they boost the protein grams on a nutrition panel. Meanwhile, a quality organic chocolate bar like Equal Exchange Organic Ecuador Dark Chocolate Bar is comprised of four ingredients, all of them natural and organic: chocolate liquor, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter and ground vanilla beans. Each serving of this particular bar contains: Iron: 30% RDA A candy bar like this ends up being a healthier option in terms of natural ingredients, sugar content, calories and sometimes even fiber, when compared to some of the popular nutrition bars on the market.
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Nutrition society drafts diabetes-prevention recommendations

How is food affecting your mood? May 25, 2013 Food is essential to staying alive, we get the energy to live our lives from it but the effect of food goes beyond sustaining us, it also directly impacts our mental well being. Although we dont have the… Top 6 Indian spices and their benefits April 26, 2013 This week I got to sit down with Ayesha DMello, owner and fabulous Indian cookery instructor at Ayeshas Kitchen to talk about her top 6 Indian spices and their health benefits. Born and raised in India… Seaweed: The Health Boosting Green April 18, 2013 We know we should all eat more vegetables and leafy greens but what about sea vegetables? Sea vegetables or various types of seaweed have been a big staple in Japan for thousands of years and to boot they consistently have…
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“If a patient asks for a number, we say aim to lose 10%-15%, but were looking for trends in the right direction; loss is more important than the size of the loss,” Ms. Mesznik said. The recommendations specify that several of the more marginal interventions, such as reduced glycemic load and index, use of vegetable protein, and increased physical activity, have evidence for efficacy only in the context of concurrent weight loss. The panel performed a literature review to determine whether diet can reduce the risk for development of type 2 diabetes.
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